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What Njord-CS Provide

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The Problem

The scale of the challenge is significant. Corrosion is estimated to cost UK industries around $97 billion per year and around $2.5 trillion globally - it’s an ongoing battle. Current corrosion prevention methods are both costly and time consuming and their effectiveness is heavily reliant on the operating conditions and environment they are exposed to. The direct costs of corrosion associated with the refurbishment, repair or replacement of equipment are substantial. The indirect impact of corrosion is also important to consider and includes large periods of downtime for failing equipment - costing businesses time, money and hassle. When you consider the financial impact that loss of production has, it’s a critical area for any business to control.


The Solution

At Njord Corrosion Solutions, we use a bespoke pressure misting system which applies our Ultra Thin Fluid Film (UTFF) products to deliver superior protection which safeguards exposed materials. Njord Corrosion Solutions is bringing these innovative products into exciting new sectors. Our innovative and bespoke system enhances other traditional corrosion protection methods such as cathodic protection and helps to significantly extend the life, and profitability of your valuable equipment from the first treatment. Our applications can be carried out in any environment or location and form a virtually invisible flexible barrier which is highly resistant to weathering and abrasion. Our portable, non-invasive treatment is ideal across a variety of sectors.

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The Benefits

Njord Corrosion Solutions has been involved with a leading manufacturer to develop an industrial range of products using Ultra Thin Fluid Film (UTFF) Technology. We use a specialist application system which has been developed by our expert team - meaning you won’t find this service anywhere else. Our corrosion inhibitor will significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs with the potential to extend the life of your equipment by over 25%. Our treatments can help to limit corrosion, moisture damage and condensation. Our end goal is always to present a substantial, positive benefit cost ratio to our clients including the option of fixed term fixed price treatment, allowing greater control of maintenance budgets over the asset life.

About us

Njord Corrosion Solutions uses a specialist application system developed in-house by our expert team - meaning you won’t find this service anywhere else.

The business was established to bring this highly effective corrosion protection method to a wider commercial and industrial base including oil & gas, marine, telecommunications, electrical & electronics, energy, air handling & refrigeration, industrial and commercial.

Our company founders, Roy Cross and Allan Duff have more than 30 years knowledge and experience in engineering, facilities and business management across a wide range of commercial and industrial industries, including the Home Office, Ministry of Defence, nuclear and oil & gas.

Since 2011, Njord Corrosion Solutions has been trialling applications of Ultra Thin Fluid Films (UTFFs) and has worked to deliver effective corrosion protection products and a specialist pressure misting application system.

UTFFs have been well-used successfully over three decades in the aviation sector and Njord Corrosion Solutions is now bringing this outstanding technology and knowledge to new sectors - many for the first time.

Our end goal is always to present a substantial, positive benefit cost ratio to our clients with options including fixed term fixed price treatments. We understand that your operational environment is unique, so we’re flexible in that if your asset usage changes, we can modify your contract with us to suit.

All employees hold relevant qualifications and the latest health and safety documentation - meaning you can rest assured you’re in the very best hands. If needed, we would be happy to offer laboratory testing and validation to develop products to meet your unique requirements.

Please get in touch today to see how we can help to extend the life cycle - and profitability of your assets.

‘Njord is the god of the sea. He calms storms, aids ships in distress and causes favourable winds to blow. He is capable of providing good fortune in the form of safe sea voyages, wealth and land.’


Electrical & Electronics
Oil & Gas Industry
Air Handling & Refrigeration

What to do next

To find out if your business could benefit from enhancing your corrosion control methods, reducing repair and replacement costs while lower maintenance overheads, the first step is simply to contact us.

site visit

A telephone conversation can outline the process, but the most effective way for us to evaluate the project is during a site visit. Face to face discussions not only give us more detail on what's needed but also allow us to demonstrate the treatment process to give you a better understanding of what's involved.

product and application selection to suit

A range of Fluid Film Coatings are now available. Each with different performance and application characteristics. Selecting the right product, preparation and application method is key to the effectiveness of any treatment. We bring over 6 years of working with Fluid Film Coating to make those right choices.

meeting to discuss project

Once we have fully evaluated the project we can arrange a meeting to present our project proposal. Detailing the product and treatment system we recommend, relevant documentation, project timescale, PPM scheduling if required and full costing.

Our goal is always to present a substantial, positive benefit cost ratio to our clients. In the present economic climate this is the right time to make this treatment work for your business.

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