Air Handling & Refrigeration
Because air handling and refrigeration units play such an important role in many industries - providing clean air and temperature control - it is essential that these pieces of machinery are kept in optimal working condition. However, due to harsh environmental conditions, these vital pieces of equipment are often plagued by corrosion, moisture damage and condensation. Our specialist products are zero or low toxicity and non-volatile - making them safe for use in air handling and refrigeration units. Our tailored treatments can be carried out in virtually any location, often without the need to interfere with day-to-day use. This limits the indirect costs of corrosion - so your equipment can be treated in situ, with no impact on your productivity or indeed your service for customers. We use a specialist pressure misting application that ensures deep penetration and correct coverage to areas which would ordinarily be inaccessible. To discover how we can protect your air handling and refrigeration units from corrosion, please get in touch with our expert team today.
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