Corrosion is a critical issue which affects natural and industrial environments in a number of ways. It’s a significant challenge - corrosion is estimated to cost UK industries in excess of $96 billion a year as many corrosion protection methods require plant and machinery to be decommissioned or striped down before being protected and then reinstated. At Njord Corrosion Solutions, we have been involved with a leading manufacturer to develop an industrial range of products using UTFF technology. We use high-quality products which are zero/low toxicity and non-volatile - making them safe to use in any commercial environment. Our specialist misting application is unique and ensures deep penetration and correct coverage to areas which would ordinarily be inaccessible. Our corrosion prevention treatments can be applied to all systems to extend the life expectancy of business assets quickly - helping to reduce the impact of corrosion, moisture damage and condensation in a cost-effective way. To find out how we can protect your equipment speak to our knowledgeable team.
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