Electrical & Electronics
The electronics sector uses a number of highly specialised elements, complex processors, circuits and microchips - all of which are at risk of corrosion, condensation and moisture damage if left untreated long-term. The degradation of electrical components can be accelerated by corrosion caused by variable humidity and temperature in enclosures. Being able to control corrosion ensures product reliability and competitiveness in a demanding global market. Our innovative products and unique pressure misting application significantly reduce the impact of corrosion, condensation and moisture and extends the life of all electrical equipment quickly - ensuring deep penetration and coverage. Njord Corrosion Solutions provides businesses with a tailored programme of treatments to suit the asset and its environment. Regular treatment extends the life of your assets and significantly reduces downtime in an operational setting - saving businesses substantial levels of investment, lost production and hassle. Speak to our knowledgeable team to discover how we can protect your electronics from corrosion today.
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