Corrosion has a huge impact on the energy sector. Assets are often subject to high temperatures, harsh environmental conditions and the use of abrasive materials which means that corrosion, condensation and moisture damage is a constant threat and major cost within the energy sector. Solar panels and wind turbines for example, are constantly exposed and susceptible to corrosion, moisture and condensation - often in remote locations with limited access where they need to operate 24/7.   As energy generation systems and structures operate in extreme conditions such as high heat or salt-water seas, they become vulnerable. While corrosion is a natural process, treatments can significantly extend the life and profitability of energy equipment. Indirect costs of corrosion, moisture damage and condensation include the loss of customer trust, reputation damage and reduced productivity - so discover how our innovative use and application of our Ultra Thin Fluid Film (UTFF) products will significantly reduce the impact on your business. Please get in touch with our expert team to find out how we can protect your equipment.
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