Corrosion, condensation and moisture damage are problems in many industrial environments. It is essential therefore to develop and apply corrosion protection methods to enhance the lifespan of your industrial assets. At Njord Corrosion Solutions, we offer cost-effective treatments which can be carried out in any location, without the need to interfere with production. Application of our Ultra Thin Fluid Film (UTFF) products limits the direct and indirect costs of corrosion. Indirect costs of corrosion, moisture damage and condensation include the loss of customer trust, damage to your reputation and reduced productivity - so discover how our innovative use and application of our corrosion prevention products will significantly reduce the impact on your business. Our specialist pressure misting application ensures deep penetration and coverage to areas which would ordinarily be inaccessible - so our treatments are efficient, quick to implement and effective.   To discuss how we can protect your industrial equipment, please speak to our team of corrosion experts.
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