In the marine sector, corrosion is a constant natural threat and an inevitable process. Without appropriate treatment on valuable equipment, corrosion can have a severe impact on profits. The harsh elements and abrasive nature of the sea mean that it’s critical that corrosion is taken seriously and management plans are put into place. According to NACE International, it has been estimated that the total cost of marine corrosion worldwide is between $50-80 billion per annum. Here at Njord Corrosion Solutions our portable, cost-effective corrosion treatments can be applied to a range of surfaces whatever the conditions - making it ideal for marine and shipping organisations across the globe. Our innovative misting application process can be delivered in-situ using our Ultra Thin Fluid Film (UTFF) products - without the need to decommission equipment or undertaking major strip downs - saving you - our valued customer - time, money and hassle. By removing the need for weather-dependent onboard maintenance, we provide the industry with an easy, flexible corrosion, moisture damage and condensation treatment which can significantly extend the life expectancy of your asset. Please get in touch to find out how we can protect your equipment. We would be happy to discuss your brief.
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