Corrosion is a complex process with many variants, in the most common use of the word it refers to the gradual destruction of materials, mostly metals, due to exposure to their environment. Many structural alloys corrode merely from exposure to moisture in air.

In industrial environments where equipment is open to the elements, corrosion is inevitable with the effects of rusting and corrosion reducing the lifespan of assets significantly.

Treatment with Njord Corrosion Solution’s corrosion protection products and specialist application extends the life of your assets and greatly reduces downtime - saving businesses substantial levels of investment.



We use a specially designed pressure misting system, developed in-house to apply our corrosion protection products. This innovative Ultra Thin Fluid Film (UTFF) enhances protects and safeguards exposed metals - reducing the impact of corrosion, moisture damage and condensation.

Once applied using our specialist misting system by our fully-trained team, the low viscosity liquid spreads out over surfaces.

During application, any electrolyte is neutralised and moisture is displaced, quickly and effectively removing this component from the corrosion cycle and 'shutting down' any existing corrosion.

The product then starts a curing process which forms a ultra thin, flexible, hydrophobic coating and bonds to the substrate using polar bonding and nano mechanical adhesion - making it highly resistant to both wash off or abrasion. It continues to actively repel water and moisture long term. The dielectric coating is highly effective in inhibiting electron transfer.


Correct application is fundamental to the effectiveness of our cost-effective corrosion treatments. Our highly experienced operators carry out applications using specially designed spray equipment with an adapted snap fit nozzle, lances and flexible wands, allowing targeted treatments to both external and internal structures, while minimising overspray and excessive mist creation.

The equipment generates mist droplet size typically in the range of 10-15 microns. At this size, the mist can float for several minutes allowing deep penetration of structures and achieving the correct coating thickness.

This process offers long term, effective corrosion, moisture damage and condensation protection.


Since 2011, Njord Corrosion Solutions has been researching and testing the use of Ultra Thin Fluid Film (UTFF) coatings to reduce corrosion.

Our experts can select the very best solution which can be adapted to your unique environment to ensure you receive exceptional service for your asset.

Laboratory testing shows the performance of Ultra Thin Fluid Film (UTFF) in challenging environments. While test results can give an initial impression of good, moderate or poor performance, it is important to appreciate that products are developed for specific applications and environments.


Working with a marine operations client in Peterhead, we provided a proof of concept to demonstrate the effectiveness of our UTFF technology. The client supplied us with a steel frame for testing and our products were applied to one side of a steel frame which was left unattended in an outdoor, salt air environment for 104 days.

While the untreated sample had suffered full surface corrosion and pitting, the side which had been treated had no visible corrosion - showing the effectiveness of these innovative products when using Njord Corrosion Solutions unique application system.

View the outstanding results below:

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